Shipping and Delivery Terms

    Your product will be shipped directly from our distribution centers outside Brazil. Our delivery estimate is from 20 to 30 days, and may extend to up to 90 business days depending on the location. We guarantee to send a tracking code so that the customer can follow the progress of the delivery.

    The delivery period can be extended in very specific cases, mainly due to problems such as: delays, strikes, recesses, periods of high demand at the Post Office. All these situations are beyond our remit.

    shopllaa guarantees that your order will be delivered. We note here that we assume the responsibility to refund the full amount paid for the product that may be lost or lost before the product is received by the Brazilian delivery system, the Post Office.

    1.1 What is this IOF tax that appears at the end of my purchase?

    The Tax on Financial Transactions is a federal tax instituted in 1966, by law 5,143 of the same year, and is levied on any financial transaction that falls within the following cases: credit transactions, foreign exchange, insurance and any other type of transactions related to securities. and securities.

    As we work exclusively with imported products, the IOF enters our transactions as an exchange transaction. The amount of the tax is levied on the price in reais, according to Brazilian legislation.

    1.2. Taxed or Taxed Products

    The majority, approximately 99%, of orders placed at the desontos.comare delivered by the Post Office, at the address requested by the customer, at no cost, and only the amount of R$15.00 may be charged for the Postal Dispatch (It took effect on 08.27.18) . However, in rare cases, the claim may be taxed by the IRS. In these cases, the Post Office sends a notice to the address registered at the time of purchase, notifying the customer that the product has been taxed. In this communication, it is requested that the package be picked up at the post office informed in the letter, upon payment of the tax.
    In this specific situation, we recommend the following procedure:

    1 – Go to the Post Office informed in the notification and inform the refusal of receiving the package. After a few days (generally, the period is 07 days), the goods not picked up are returned to the sender, that is, your product will be returned to our collaborators abroad, without you having the trouble of removing it and without payment of fees. /tributes.

    2 – Report what happened, as soon as possible, to our Customer Service by e-mail:, social networks and other forms available on this site.

    We ask that you notify us about the collection of the tax, so that we can guide you on the procedure to be followed.

    3 – We will send you an identical product. This process step will have no cost to the customer. Important: At the time of reshipping, a new countdown will begin for the delivery time.

    If you proceed differently from that indicated above, we are not responsible for any refunds of fees or taxes.

    If you do not wish to wait for the new deadline for delivery, you can withdraw the order by paying the fee. We remind you that any and all taxes imposed on the product are the exclusive responsibility of the customer, and they should inform themselves about the import regulations in force in their country before purchasing so that they are aware that this type of situation can happen with their purchase.

    2. Order Tracking
    The products will be sent by the Post Office or another carrier and there will always be a Tracking Code that will allow the customer to follow the progress of the delivery. is committed to instructing the customer on how to track the products. The Tracking Code will be sent to your email after the order is shipped.

    3.1. Care for Addressing Orders

    shopllaa will arrange for the shipment of the products to the address you request. Therefore, so that there are no problems with the delivery of your order, we ask for your full attention when filling in the address where you wish to receive your order.

    3.2. Absent Recipient

    Check that someone will be at the address to receive your products during the scheduled delivery times. The Post Office makes three attempts to deliver the products. If there is no one at the address to receive the order at any of them, the package will be taken to the post office closest to the address. In this case, it will be necessary for the recipient of the package to collect the package at the post office as soon as possible. Thus, returning to the sender, in order for the product to be delivered, a new purchase must be made, as the product is lost on return and the does not recover this product.

    All details related to delivery attempts, as well as the address of the post office where the recipient must bto use your package in case of absence at the address, are recorded in the order tracking, which can be tracked on the Correios website, using the tracking code provided by .

    3.3. Incorrect or incomplete address

    It is the customer's responsibility to fill in the address correctly. If the filling is incorrect or incomplete, as determined by the Post Office, the package will be sent back to the sender. In addition, in these situations, the three delivery attempts will not occur, which is customary in cases where the recipient is not found. In addition, as the purchase must be taken back to our distribution center, the local Post Office informs that it has no obligation and does not guarantee the delivery of the product to the sender. In this way, the customer's error results in a loss for the store and therefore, a new purchase must be made for the product to be delivered. In this situation, the customer loses the right to a refund, as it was his mistake that resulted in the problem of shipping and returning without guarantees to the store.

    4. Safe Delivery is committed to ensuring that our customer is not harmed at any time during the delivery process. Because of this, all purchases made with us are protected by Delivery Insurance. If the delivery period of 90 working days is exceeded and you have not received your order, simply contact our customer service team and request the Delivery Insurance. This is the correct way to get your purchase refunded.

    If your order is not delivered due to a problem related to the customs process, we will study your case to find the best solution for your order.

    If your purchase has any attributes that prevent delivery to your country, such as battery packs or the like, due to restrictions in local legislation, the responsibility lies with the customer and not the store.

    If you decide to import a product that has some technological feature that has any restriction due to local law, the consumer is responsible for this type of impediment even before making the purchase in our store. If your purchase is stopped at any point by the local inspection, we do not offer any kind of compensation, as the consumer must know about the legislation of his country and the import regulations.

    Another case where the customer is responsible is regarding the import license. If it is needed in your country and you don't have it and still make the purchase with us, we have no responsibility in relation to reimbursement or delivery of the purchase. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of any regulations regarding imports and other situations that may interfere with the purchase process or delivery of the purchase.

    All import-related fees, Financial Transaction Tax (IOF) and other customs-related fees or charges are the responsibility of the consumer, as described in our terms and conditions. If your purchase is taxed or there is a need to collect it at the Post Office and it is not carried out by the customer, so that you refuse to collect or pay the applicable charges or refuse to receive the order when it is delivered to your address , we do not offer any kind of compensation.

    We make it clear that after leaving our distribution center, in this case, the dispatch of the order, the transport is the responsibility of the outsourced logistics company. In this part of the delivery process, ownership of the purchase already belongs to the buyer, this means that all associated responsibilities and risks in transport are with the buyer.

    The delivery of the product may be affected by several factors that are out of 's control and may influence the delivery time of the purchase, since, from the moment the purchase leaves our distribution center, after confirmation of payment, we guide that, if the purchase is made as a gift or with the intention of being used on a special occasion, it must be made in advance.

    Posting and delivery times will be based on working days from Monday to Friday. In case of important holidays, such as Chinese New Year or Christmas, we inform you that there may be a delay in relation to the estimated delivery time. During this type of event, we will inform our customers of these situations so that they are aware of potential delays.

    customer conduct has total disposition and commitment to seek the solution to all problems or situations that may occur with purchases, in order to generate greater satisfaction for our customers. All this in a professional way, with all respect and education. In this way, we expect our customers to give the same type of treatment to our employees who work in customer service. We do not tolerate any kind of agr content.essive, rude or repugnant to our team.

    Behavior that is not considered acceptable and is directed to our customer service team or the shopllaa, which can be classified in the following situations: Aggressive, threatening, abusive or even pejorative behavior. Other attitudes, such as: any type of direct or indirect threat in any communication, language that is intimidating, verbal or personal abuse, sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, derogatory or rude comments are also considered inappropriate. Statements that serve to inflame other customers, profanity or even baseless allegations will fall under the same group of offenses.

    If the customer continues with this behavior even after the search, by our team, of a reasonable and correct solution available for the situation according to the rules of the site. Demands for our team that break the rules set out in company policies, for example refund cases, delivery times, compensations or the like, who likewise seek a solution that is out of our reach or that will break with our practices or policies. Change the reason for a complaint or the expected result, whether total or partial, from a clear answer having been presented by our Customer Service.

    Uncompensated volume of complaints, other than in relation to the purchase price. This type of behavior may generate formal warnings and notifications about: “Your message is considered offensive, threatening, abusive and is considered completely unacceptable”.

    Clients must refrain from this type of language, threatening or intimidating behavior. If the customer insists on this practice, the conversations and attempts at resolution will be reserves the right not to accept more orders from the customer in the future, without any prior notice, by continuing the reprehensible behavior.

    1 – Can I trust that I will receive my purchases?

     shopllaa  bases its work on ensuring the satisfaction of its customers, so it has a team of qualified professionals, working for 7 years in the online sales market, always valuing commitment, respect and honesty with our customers at all times. We make it a point to make clear and express all information about the purchase process and delivery of products. Transparency is our greatest commitment, so we are always ready to clarify any doubts through our call center and willing to do everything to ensure that your order is delivered to your hands, safely and on time.

    2 – Can I follow the delivery process of my purchase?

    Yes. As soon as your order leaves our distribution center, we will send the Tracking Code for your purchase in your registration email. Just access the Correios website and access the “Query and Requests” area and then click on “Object Tracking”. All information and updates about your delivery will be on this page and are the responsibility of the Post Office.

    3 – My purchase is stopped in “verification by the IRS for a few days without movement. Should I be concerned?

    No. Each and every product that enters Brazil needs to be verified by the Federal Revenue Service. This procedure is standard and prescribed by law. Due to the great demand, it may take a few days for your package to go through this process. Soon after verification, it will be sent to the distribution center of the Post Office, so that it can be delivered to you as soon as possible.

    4 – Between the day of my order and the arrival of my purchase, I changed my address and will not be at the expected delivery address. What do I do?

    We understand that this can happen and we are here to reassure you. To receive the purchase, it will be necessary for the new resident to receive the purchase for you. In this case, unlike the case of absent recipient, where the purchase goes through three delivery attempts by the Post Office, if the postman is informed that the recipient has moved, the purchase will be returned to the sender. That's why we ask that you track the progress of the purchase with your tracking code. If the purchase is returned to the sender due to a change in the recipient, a new product will only be sent upon a new order and new payment.

    5 – I tried to track my order and that I saw the package was not located in the postal flow of the post office. What does that mean?

    This may lead to a delay in delivery. This notification indicates that the Post Office has not yet found the package registered with its tracking code among the parcels received by them. This process may take a few days. Once found, the package will be sent to the post office closest to you, and then it will be delivered.

    6 – Can I change my delivery address?

    You can, but we have a condition. In order to be able to perform this address change operation, we have theonly the period of separation of the purchase after confirmation of payment. It's a short term, but that's the only way we can change the address and keep the expected delivery time at the time of purchase.

    7 – How long does it take to receive my purchases?

    Our estimate is that you will receive your purchases between 20 and 30 business days. We remind you that the entire process can be accompanied by your Tracking Code.

    8 – I bought more than one product in the same order but I only received part of them. This is normal? Will the other products be delivered?

    It can happen and you don't have to worry. Products can be from different suppliers and therefore they will have different tracking codes for each supplier. In this case, deliveries can be made at different times, as there is a possibility that the packages will be released at different times by the Federal Revenue at customs.